Sounds Like Now

Earlier, I supported this project...

"I don't normally do this but I think it is significant enough project to put my backing behind it.

Dan Goren, formally of the BMIC, is creating a magazine for contemporary music with the curious title, "Sounds Like Now"(What does the word 'like' mean?).  The intention, I believe, is to showcase, educate and promote the best of British contemporary music.  At the moment, he is close to reaching his goal of £18,000  to get the project running. He needs your support.  His project can be found here: sounds-like-now"

It reached its goal of £18,000 and should have been completed. But can anyone tell me what is happening now?

Update...I have spotted them. They are here:

I was wondering...How are they going to get more subscribers if they don't allow new viewers full access to their articles?

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